Take a look first hand, at some of the clients we have been lucky enough to work with so far and how they have transformed. This will give you an insight into the programme and how George can help you

"I feel like I have got my motivation back and have such a drive to get up in the morning and workout. Everything is falling into place and already I can see the changes coming."

- Liam Dunne-


Liam Dunne - London - Age 22


This was the first time I had purchased a workout programme and so was completely new to the whole process. I definitely needed the structure and consistency the programme had and loved how each month is a progression from the last. The problem I had experienced in the past was mainly having consistency and motivation in my training. I would always go to the gym and just do what I felt like, with no real structure or direction – this plan gave me that. I had tried watching other youtube channels for advice, but it was never the same as having consistent support from George.


Straight away, 4 weeks into the programme I feel like I have got my motivation back and have such a drive to get up in the morning and workout. Everything is falling into place and already I can see the changes coming, only a third of the way through the plan. The main thing to realise with this, is that it is an investment in yourself and your own health. If you are lacking direction or just not seeing any change in your physique, best thing to do is follow a plan. - Week 4 Online Programme




Ollie Sherborne - Brighton - Age 22


I contacted George after noticing how well his clients had done following his programmes over Instagram. Having put on about a stone, I told him I had hit a plateau and truth be told fallen into some bad habits over the course of a year. I asked him for a 12 week personalised programme, telling him my goal was to maintain muscle and ideally get my body fat down from about 14-15% to 8-10% (a tall order). In my head I was aware this would be difficult having tried in the past. I came into the programme just hoping I would do half as well as the rest of his clients, but with the intention to stick to the plan.
3 weeks in I’ve lost almost a stone, in from what I can tell, only in fat! Not only that, my complexion has improved, I feel more energetic, confident and all round happier!


Having tried in the past to make this sort of progress, I can honestly say its never been so successful, efficient and sustainable. Georges programmes are incredibly easy to follow - the diet hasn’t left me feeling at all drained despite the caloric deficit - I put this down to his excellent diet advice. Additionally, Georges well written workouts allow for me to arrive at the gym focused and with a clear idea of what I have set out to do - making the whole process much more approachable, and in light of current success, with full trust that what I’m doing is working. - Week 3 Online Programme




Katrina Simpson - London - Age 24


Thanks to your training, I actually managed to complete my fundraising challenge when I went to Sweden in March. – I used the diet plans and training you gave me, then combined it with what my trainer in Germany advised (introducing me to rowing machines and more cardio) and it meant I was in really good shape for the 50km of husky sledding. So I owe you a big thank you for that too! - Week 6 Online Programme



Leo Mcnally - Surrey - Age 22


I have never purchased a workout guide as I usually only ever trained through free online manuals/guides. The free guides that I used online possessed little detail, whereas with George’s plan, it avoids the common result you get from home made workout plans – boredom. Before George’s program, I was demotivated and not seeing the results that free exercise guides online promised. I tried altering my workout plans to reduce tedium, for example; new exercises. Nevertheless, I found that I still achieved minimal results and hence continued the cycle of demotivating and unsatisfactory gym visits. Also, without George’s plan, I lacked any sort of structure and would often just workout different body parts that I felt would help me progress, instead of intelligently targeting individual body parts in new ways.


With George’s plan, I noticed improvements in both my strength and physique. I also enjoyed going to the gym, trying new exercises and new methods of training. It was exciting to mix it up from the universal gym routine of 3 sets of 12 reps for each exercise. George kept the programme interesting, fun and most importantly, I felt the workout the next day!


The best features of the plan definitely included the mixing up of intensities. Training at high volume is something I enjoy doing. The plan rotated between high and low volume every two weeks which kept my body guessing and never adapting to any exercise – the only adaption I noticed was the weights I was lifting were getting heavier and heavier by the week! It was satisfying to notice improvement every other week!


George was always available for advice and help if any part of the programme didn’t fit my lifestyle, for example, for two weeks I was injured and he provided me with safer alternatives which meant I didn’t pose further risk to my injury and I could still train. Most importantly though, I would say I actually enjoy going to the gym now!


If you’re struggling to see improvements, then give it a go! Not only did I see a great deal of improvement over the 12 weeks, but it has given me confidence and taught me how to live a healthier lifestyle. George was a delight to work with and was always passionate about his plan and helping me achieve my goals! Week 4 Online Programme




Dave Lanaway - Brighton - Age 21


I have purchased some workout programmes in the past but felt they were too generalised, and didn’t take into account my own specific goals. The main issue I had with my training before working with George, was that I struggled to tailor my training to suit certain athletic goals I had – being a rugby player I wanted to focus on building lean muscle and was instead struggling to put on the weight. George completely tailored the programme to these needs and showed me exactly how to plan my nutrition to build lean muscle, whilst maintaining my strength for rugby.


Halfway through the 12 week programme I had noticed some huge gains in my strength! I was also able to maintain an overall lean physique, rather than putting on the wrong type of weight through over-eating.


The best part about the programme was the constant contact and support I had with George. Any issues or questions I had, he was on hand to guide me through. I think as easy as it is to tell yourself you will train hard and stay motivated, there is always something that gets in the way, or motivation can always slip – so having George there throughout the whole process really helped. Week 5 Online Programme



"3 weeks into the programme, I’ve lost almost a stone, in from what I can tell, only in fat! Not only that, my complexion has improved, I feel more energetic, confident and all round happier!"

- Ollie Sherborne-

Other Testimonials


Ashley - Brighton


Plans decent mate! Going well. Been following the meal plan for 3 days now and 2 workouts! It's definitely a step up from what I'm used to! Which is good as in having to work hard - Week 1  Online Programme

Mary - Germany


I want to say thank god that I spoke to George, he has changed my life for the better. I have already lost pounds of weight because of his workouts. Love the intensity of all of the circuits. Thank you so much George for all of your effort with this and I can’t wait to start the second month. – Week 3 Online Programme

Freddie - Essex


Workouts are going well thanks mate, did shoulders today in the gym. Was crazy busy so had to be a little creative but followed the formula of the programme. Can visibly see the weight starting to come off though which is exciting! It really challenges my body in a different way and really tests my limits, such a variety of exercises to keep my body guessing and helps me improve myself more and more


What George Can Offer


  • Drive - As your personal coach, George will motivate you and give you the confidence to workout on your own. As a result, attaining your fitness and diet goals will be effortless. (It is tremendously challenging for most people to get into peak shape, without this external motivation.)
  • Supervision – George will basically guide you by the hand during your entire weight loss journey. (All you need to do is dedicate yourself and you will be put through the most effective weight loss and muscle toning workout available).
  • Teaching - George will instruct you precisely how to do every exercise and movement with correct and SAFE form (Our main goal is to keep you injury free and increase your strength and flexibility properly.)
  • Nutritional Guidance- George will share his expertise with you, teaching you exactly how to structure a healthy diet and take out all of the guess work. Your nutritional program will be customized to your needs. We know that how you eat outside of the gym is half the battle. (You may even be surprised to hear that you can EAT MORE on this programme)
  • Support - George will schedule regular catch up calls with you (or skype calls if outside of the UK). This will give you the emotional and mental support which is VITAL in making constant improvements (We will make sure YOU stick with the programme and implement it into your life 24/7)
  • Motivation – Let’s face it we ALL have OFF days, this is where the breakdown almost always occurs. George keeps you on track and moving forward, so you see and feel the results quickly. (You’ll get the necessary “kick in the butt” occasionally to keep you going!)
  • Exciting Fun Filled Workouts – Its a priority that you have a great experience when you exercise. We all know if you don’t enjoy your workouts you wont stick with it . This programme is fun yet effective, you’ll never get bored with the variety we have to offer
  • Adaptability - Even if you do not have a gym membership, George can tailor the programme to be a complete home workout, for you to take with you and maintain on the go



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Testimonials on this webpage are from real individuals who have undergone the programme delivered by GLF. No one was paid for a testimonial or endorsement. Before and after photos we're not edited, altered or retouched, just simply cropped together. Results mentioned in the testimonials were self-reported. George's clients typically reach their weightloss goals within 8 to 10 weeks on the average. Clients that achieve the best results follow a specific nutrition, exercise and cardio program. Results may vary depending on how close clients adhere to the program

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