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This programme will completely transform your body and the way you think about nutrition forever. This is not a quick fix, or a 'ten minute abs' programme, oh no! This plan is going to take dedication and hard work, creating a completely different lifestyle, with endless reward. I hate the word 'diet' and everything it stands for. I am here to educate you on how to sustain a healthy lifestyle, and enjoy it! I want you to fuel your body with the correct nutrition it needs, to shift that unwanted body fat and build a strong, healthy body.

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What makes these programmes stand out?



The most important thing to remember about health is that everybody is different. There is no 'size fits all' when it comes to working out and we all need different amounts of calories and exercise to maximise health. George's plans are completely tailored to your individual goals and will suit all levels of experience.

No gym? No problem! George's plans do not require the most hi-tech, state of the art equipment. What it does require is dedication, structure and a willingness to suceed




In any transformation programme, nutrition is crucial. Luckily, George takes care of that for you too! Like the workouts, you will receive a full nutrition plan for the beginning of each month, carefully designed to match your macronutrient (Proteins, Fats, Carbs) needs. This is a great way to plan your meals and stay on top of your progress without having to worry about what meal to make next!

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The Workouts



Upon sign up, you will receive a questionnaire, which will determine what direction you want the training to move in. Your plan will be hand crafted to fit around your schedule, lifestyle and experience with exercise. Each workout segment is emailed to you on the first day of each month, to ensure you are fully prepared for the month ahead. George will personally sit down with you at the end of each month, to evaluate your progress and plan the next step.

Video Trainer



In the modern day there are so many complicated variations of different exercises, it becomes impossible to start. George simplifies everything down for you through both written and video descriptions, so that you can approach your workouts knowing exactly what to do and how to do it! You are able to virtually take George with you on your workouts and refer to the videos at any time

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Upon sign up, you will receive instant access to our full support. George will personally arrange weekly catch ups with you to check on your progress and is always on hand for any questions you may have. This is a continuous service throughout the entire programme and George prides himself on full commitment to all of his clients. This will ensure you stay on track and feel fully motivated at all times.

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